Why won’t my Solace Enterprise application reconnect after an HA failover?

hong Administrator Posts: 304 admin

Make sure that your reconnect retry value is not set too low or too high. It is recommended that you have your application attempt to reconnect for at least 5 minutes as follows:

  • connect retries: 1
  • reconnect retries: 20
  • reconnect retry wait: 3,000 ms
  • connect retries per host: 5

Be careful with JMS! These settings should be configured at both the JNDI and data connection level.


  • marc
    marc Member, Administrator, Moderator, Employee Posts: 568 admin

    Thanks for the tip @hong. I'd also add to anyone reading this that a lot of projects have different requirements so be sure to take the time to understand how these parameters work and tune them to meet your needs :)