Cache instance status NotAvail in Docker demo instance


Hi guys,
noob question. I am trying to setup most basic cache configuration.
I am running this in linux container on Windwos 10 in WSL2.


_docker run -d -p 8080:8080 -p 55555:55555 --shm-size=1g --env username_admin_globalaccesslevel=admin --env username_admin_password=admin --name=solace solace/solace-pubsub-standard

docker exec -it pubSubStandardSingleNode /usr/sw/loads/currentload/bin/cli -A

create distributed-cache cache1 message-vpn default
no shutdown

create cache-cluster cachecluster1
no shutdown
topic MyTopic1

create cache-instance cacheinstance1
no shutdown


distributed-cache cache1 message-vpn default
start cache-cluster cachecluster1 cache-instance cacheinstance1_

After all that, cacheinstance1 is NOT up - NotAvail.
I can see that using: show cache-instance cacheinstance1

What am i doing wrong?



  • Aaron
    Aaron Member, Administrator, Moderator, Employee Posts: 531 admin

    Hi @borisbucha , welcome to the Community!

    PubSub+ Cache is a separate product from the broker. The runtime instance of it runs as a C++ client application, and connects into the message bus to listen to messages. You configure the cache-cluster and cache-instance and stuff in the broker's CLI, but then you need to run the cache process separately so it connects in and starts listening. That's why you're seeing "NotAvail".

    I'm pretty sure it's a paid product, I don't think there's a free version available.

    What are you trying to do? What is your use case?

  • borisbucha
    borisbucha Member Posts: 7

    Thanks @Aaron .
    Thats what i thought "start cache-cluster cachecluster1 cache-instance cacheinstance1" is for but i will do more research how to spinup the process. Honestly i am struggling with the doc. Lack of howtos.
    Anyway, i need to cache recent prices so basically trading app usecase.
    Also, we already have payed version (even hardware appliances) but i want to have isolated developer setup where you can run things locally.
    So you thing i should check with Solace support whether local dev version is available?

    thanks again

  • ChristianHoltfurth
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    Hi @borisbucha ,
    Solace Support is the right way to go. They will be able to advise on your licensing status and where/how you can get a hold of the PubSub+ Cache product that you will have to run in addition to the software broker holding the cache configuration (should be under using your customer login details).

    For further details on how to install and configure PubSub+ Cache, take a look at:
    (if you haven't already)

    Best regards,

  • solcache
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    @ChristianHoltfurth I did not think you needed a license to connect SolCache to a VMR? I know a token is required to connect it to an appliance.