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Solace PubSub+ Authentication against Oracle IDAM


In my architecture the clients connect to event broker either via JMS or REST. These clients need to be authenticated via Oracle IDAM. I know that other messaging platforms such as TIBCO EMS provide JAAS module which can be configured to get authenticated against IAM servers. Does Solace provide such feature so that the users can be authenticated against Oracle IDAM?

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  • TomFTomF Member, Employee Posts: 279 Solace Employee

    Hi @kvramkumar, unfortunately I think the answer to your question is no. We make use of JAAS configuration files for Kerberos authentication, and there are some JNDI properties related to the JAAS config. I am not an expert here, but unless Oracle IAM supports Kerberos I don't think there's much that can be done.

    Happy to be corrected by someone else, though.

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