JMS API connection factory route to different VPN


I don't see a set target VPN name, while creating the connection factory, so after the connection factory lookup the messages are going to the same VPN where the lookup is done, but I want to redirect the messages to different VPN. is it possible?

It is like routing to different VPN for the actual data, and all the clients connect to JNDI VPN for entry.

I am able to use the setVpn() method on the SolConnectionfactory object after the lookup to route the data connection to desired VPN, but I think it should be part of creating the factory administratively.

Please let me know.


  • marc
    marc Member, Administrator, Moderator, Employee Posts: 923 admin

    Hi @onlysam,

    The Solace JNDI is configured on a given solace vpn and currently only supports having clients connect to that same VPN. So I think your options would be to do what you're already doing, where you override the VPN after the lookup or if you really wanted you could have a remote JNDI server that isn't provided by the PubSub+ Event Broker.

    This is a cool idea though, if you're a paying customer I think it would be great if you could open a support ticket requesting this enhancement. I can't guarantee it will be implemented but at least it will get it on the list of potential enhancements ;)

  • Aaron
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    Hi @onlysam . Out of curiosity, are you an EMS user?

    As Marc said, the JNDI lookup service provided by Solace is not so flexible to allow "connecting to someplace else". To achieve this, many of our customers use external JNDI servers (not the Solace broker) in production and can configure it however they want. The onboard JNDI capability in the Solace broker is generally good enough for dev and test environments, but if you want something fancier then go external.

  • onlysam
    onlysam Member Posts: 5

    Thank you @marc and @Aaron. Appreciate the response.

    yes I am moving from EMS and MQ messaging, where this is supported. I will look at the external JNDI server options. Thank you!