Using Ansible to Automate the Configuration of Solace PubSub+ Event Broker

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Are you responsible for Solace PubSub+ DevOps?
Using Ansible modules for PubSub+ may make your life easier … check out this blog post



  • hong
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    @swenhelge Thank you for sharing this!

  • marc
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    Thanks @swenhelge, I had no idea this existed!

  • Joy
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    how can i rollback the provisioning, especially the patch request to update some parameters?

  • Ricardo
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    hi @Joy - rollback is not a concept that ansible supports directly. I.e. ansible does not keep state of before and after.
    So, what I typically do is to manage state manually. roughly:

    • you create a separate parameters yaml / json file that describes a state - let's call it 'state1.yml'
    • you run your playbook with state1.yml ==> broker is configured with state1 parameters
    • you apply state2.yml and then you realize you want to go back to 'state1.yml'
    • you run the playbook again with state1.yml ==> rollback done.
      I usually only work with roll-forward, never with roll-back. otherwise you end up with a management challenge of your state files.