Which Java client API to use ?

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So I am a bit confused on which Java client API to use for connecting to a solace appliance from an application.
My understanding is that we have the option of using JCSMP , RTO , JMS , Spring JMS vs Spring JCSMP ?
Could some one please summarize at a high level what are the pros and cons of each approach in terms of latency, ease of use, portability etc. And if there are any recommended patterns.

  • We use kerberos for authentication so any API's that are not compatible will be out of the window for us.

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    is this still the most up to date in terms of features for which java api to use for Solace? I found this and was great item that i'd like to put forward on my Solace Best practices page, but wanted to check if its the latest info in 2023 (as answer is from 2019).