Quickstart Guide to Solace PubSub+ on Oracle Cloud (OCI) 2nd. Gen.

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Hi everyone,
I built a detailed guide on how to get the Solace Pubsub+ SW broker running on Oracle’s cloud, aka OCI 2nd Gen.

I used Solace’s own GCP QuickStart as a basis (kudos to @Balazs, @KenBarr, and @ChristianHoltfurth) and went through all the steps to have your Solace instance running in no time, both in Standalone and HA configurations, on OCI.

I also created a few issues, to tackle on fixes and improvements to this guide. Mostly:

  • Secure protocols, by adding a certificate to the broker.
  • Code samples in a few languages, ready to run and deploy.
  • A fix in the scripts to cope with the $releasever having not only the version number but the type of OS (“7Server”).

Just give it a spin if you can. Looking forward to hearing comments on how to improve it.



Disclaimer: I didn’t focus on the security aspects of the guide. Some things in there are just plain wrong from a security perspective, such as opening all the ports for exterior access or shutting down the firewall service. I did it to have no obstacles to the installation and testing procedures.
You MUST configure appropriate security rules and services to run this and open it up to the public.


  • Thanks for building and sharing this @CloudGod 👍

  • CloudGod
    CloudGod Member Posts: 24 ✭✭

    My pleasure, @trishm ! I love sharing my IT experiences and knowledge.
    Hopefully, other community members can iterate and improve it.
    By the way, thanks so much for the swag for participating in the Developer Workshop (Sept. 23rd).


  • No problem - glad you got it! Love that you're here to share your expertise and your work - keep it up!