Unable to set Max Permitted Message Size to 30 MB in Solace via API, as well as, manually


Hi, we found that "Max Permitted Message Size" always reset to 10 MB when we tried to update it to a bigger size like 30 MB manually on the UI. When updating it via API, we received "Message Size Out Of Range" OperationErrorException. (Note in both case, we are using the admin account against the latest software version of Solace)
Does anyone has any idea why this is happening? Thanks.



  • arih
    arih Member, Employee Posts: 125 Solace Employee

    Hi @lisichan ,

    For brokers on 1K and below, it is capped to 10MB. You can do 30MB for 10K tier up.

    If you're using the standard edition, it is able to be configured for 10K but start by default on 1K tier. Here's the doc for reference. HTH.

  • lisichan
    lisichan Member Posts: 2

    Thanks @arih for your prompt feedback. I'll review the provided information.