Solace PubSub+ Connector for Mulesoft(Integration)

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Hi Everyone,
A month back, I have received this link from @Tamimi about Integrating PubSub + with MuleSoft Solace Connector.
The Solace connector for MuleSoft is still not publicly available in MuleSoft Anypoint Exchange. It is available as an open source project in Solace Github repository.
Once the Solace connector will certified by MuleSoft then you can easily add as module in your Anypoint Studio.
If you want to use Solace connector for MuleSoft.
Please follow the below Solace Github repository.
Solace PubSub+ Connector for Mulesoft(Integration).
Below operations are listed:

Please make sure use Mule Runtime 4.1 and above with Studio 7.x.
Manish Yadav


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    Hi @manish @Tamimi,

    I'm currently playing with this dedicated connector, mainly to confirm if its' behavior will be any different from the native Mule JMS Connector in one particular scenario. What I'm not clear on is how to actually use TLS here (which is required by my broker). With the standard Mule JMS Connector, I'd utilize Solace_JMS_SSL_TrustStore/Password properties, but I cannot see any option to do it with the Solace connector (apart from the "Use TLS to connect" true/false switch). Any advice here?

    If I simply flip the "Use TLS" switch to True, I'm getting an error as if my TrustStore was not correct or not provided at all - " Path does not chain with any of the trust anchors".


  • manish
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    Hi @jsobcz ,

    Just disconnect from your organizational VPN network if your system is connected , and test it . It should work.

    When you connect to VPN network , Your certificate get changed with different root.

    If it does not work , do let me know

    Connector is still not certified by MuleSoft now but you can raise the issues in github to Solace.

    If you are blocked from testing , I would highly recommend to JMS connector for now and use

    <jms:provider-property key="Solace_JMS_SSL_ValidateCertificate" value="true" />

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    Hey @jsobcz ! Thanks for pointing this out, I will take a further look at this. As @manish mentioned, feel free to raise this issue on the github repo since the team who built it constantly monitors the repo and can have better pointer. On that note, we are working on getting a certified Solace Mulesoft connector soon! So stay tuned here and share your MuleSoft projects on this community 🙌

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    Hi, Been getting very strange behavior for the Solace connector in Anypoint studio. I was able to configure the JMS Config for the Solace Connector initially and now the JMS Config screen is missing. Any idea?

    org.mule.runtime.api.exception.MuleRuntimeException: Could not create an implicit configuration 'config' for the extension 'Solace-Connector'
    Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Configuration 'config' of extension 'Solace-Connector' does not define a connection provider and none can be created automatically. Please define one.
    at org.mule.runtime.module.extension.internal.runtime.config.DefaultImplicitConnectionProviderFactory.lambda$new$1(
    at org.mule.runtime.module.extension.internal.runtime.config.DefaultImplicitConnectionProviderFactory.createImplicitConnectionProvider(
    at org.mule.runtime.module.extension.internal.runtime.resolver.ImplicitConnectionProviderValueResolver.resolve(
    at org.mule.runtime.module.extension.internal.runtime.resolver.ImplicitConnectionProviderValueResolver.resolve(

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    I recommend you to raise a issues in below link.