What are your takeaways from EDA Summit 2021?

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Yesterday’s EDA Summit was a great success. I’m sure you enjoyed it as much as I did. My biggest takeaway from it is that EDA is not just a concept anymore. It is a real thing now across almost all the industries. I can see that growing popularity and momentum in Gartner’s Keith Cuttridge’s session about trends in EDA across the four EDA scenarios, Ventana Research’s David Menninger’s session about how event data is impacting manufacturing and financial services, SAP’s session about its journey towards EDA, and Wipro’s Avanish Raut’s session about their EDA survey results and their projects.

What are your takeaways from EDA Summit 2021? Please share them with us. @pathaknitin510 , @rob , @Aaron @manish .

By the way, if you missed yesterday’s live event, you can still register to watch the recordings.


  • himanshu
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    What a great event! My biggest takeaway was how EDA is being used in a variety of industries and not just a few verticals. Companies with different usecases are recognizing the value of EDA and starting to leverage it to make real business impact!

  • Tamimi
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    I really enjoyed Ikea's session! Seeing how they leverage the event mesh over the supported cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure) and having their own virtual private cloud in Asia is pretty impressive. I liked how this streamlined their inventory management globally across all their locations and branches, proving that now more than ever after experiencing what the world went through during COVID that realtime updates is very important.

    And oh, how can I forget grandma!!

  • manish
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    Yes !!! It was simply awesome event. I am great fan of such event where you get option to choose the track based on what you want to achieve or learn.
    Believe me , I did not feel bored for any of session because all the session was having rich content with proper architecture diagram embeded in their presentation.
    The session which I enjoyed without tea break !!!

    • Six Steps to Event Enable Your Enterprise: An Architect’s Guide to Implementing Event-Driven Architecture featuring Sumeet Puri (Solace), Naveen Kola (HP)
    • Event-Based API Patterns and Practices featuring James Higginbotham (LaunchAny)
    • How EDA is going to disrupt the world to achieve maximum benefits of customer (You have to change your mindset to bring EDA to your organization if you want to sustain in the market) -Keynote session by Denis King (CEO Solace and team)
    • Six Steps towards EDA Maturity by David Mooter
    • The Sky is not the limit by Astronaut Chris
    • grandma story to explain about EDA :)

    Key Message: EDA and APIs are Best friend for life , I treat them as a family member to support each other to maximize the business .
    Thanks @hong for giving me an opportunity. Looking forward for such event in future .
    Solace community, you are awesome people and keep supporting us to grow in EDA/APIs world.

    Manish Yadav