Solace learning reference list for newbies

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As part of my own learning when I joined Solace few months back, I collected all references available and utilized them as a ready reckoner - code, lab, tutorial and reading.

Sharing it, hoping that new members could benefit.

Solace - GitHub

Solace Products
Solace Samples
Solace Labs References
Solace Community References on GitHub
Solace IoT Projects on GitHub
Solace Training - Hands on Labs on GitHub

Solace - Products

PubSub+ Event Broker
PubSub+ Mission Control
PubSub+ APIs & Protocols
PubSub+ Event Portal
PubSub+ Connectors
PubSub+ Insights

Solace - Specific references

Solace CLI Reference
Solace Error/Message Details
SEMP Reference (Solace Element Management Protocol) v2
     SEMP Configuration API Reference
     SEMP Action API Reference
     SEMP Monitoring API Reference
Solace Event Portal REST API
Solace Event Portal Open API - Swagger Spec
Solace Quick Starts - References
Solace PubSub+ Cache
Solace Geneos Agent
Solace Versions - Release Notes (Compatibility)
Solace - Product Lifecycle Policy
Solace - Best Practices
Solace - Feature Index
Solace - General Reference
Solace - Best Practices

Solace - Internal Portals

Solace Developers
Solace Technical Documentation
Solace API Tutorials
Solace Resources * IMPORTANT*
Solace Learn * General Reference *
Solace Codelabs * IMPORTANT *
Solace Community

Solace - Social Media Portals

Solace on YouTube
Solace on Twitch
Solace on LinkedIn
Solace on
Solace on Twitter

Solace - Public Forums

EDA Summit 2021

Folks, I there are more references that can be added to the list - please update in the comments. Let us make the onboarding journey of new members as easy and enjoyable as possible :smile: