Azure Event Bus, RabbitMQ and PUBSUB

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Hello still very new to Solace and PUBSUB. I have a Azure Microservice project using RabbitMQ as my event bus. Does Solace have its own preferred event bus?


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    Thanks Tom very clear now!

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    yes exactly what @TomF just said! 😅

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    @TomF said:
    More seriously, PubSub+ Broker is similar in functionality and target applications to RabbitMQ. What we pride ourselves on is our wide range of "enterprise ready" features such as never lose a message clustering, top of the range disaster recovery, vertical and horizontal scaling, run-anywhere-and-federate event mesh, wide protocol and connector support, RBAC, monitoring, stability, robustness, the ability to do event sourcing via replay (recently introduced in Rabbit)... the list goes on.

    On top of the broker we have a platform that includes distributed federation management and administration (PubSub+ Console), event based design and discovery (PubSub+ Event Portal), broker management (PubSub+ Broker), monitoring and capacity planning (PubSub+ Insights and PubSub+ Monitor), along with a wide range of services and support (such as PubSub Remote Monitoring and Management).

    Very nicely put Tom. I think I need to put this on my mirror and read it before starting work each morning 😝