Possible to track message ids ??

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Hi solace support team,
We are using solace hardware Appliance 3560, is it possible to track each and every message ids in solace?? If yes please let me know..


  • TomF
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    Hi @Muddam_Pullaiah, can you give us some more details on what you're trying to do? When you say "track," are you looking to log the ingress and egress of every message?

    As an example, a 3560 can ingress 9M and egress 28M msgs/sec. If you were to use something like a syslog log entry per message, that would be something like 200 characters - let's say 256 bytes. At 37M msgs/sec that would saturate a 10G network link.

  • Muddam_Pullaiah
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    No am not asking ingress and egress, if any message come to queue those message Id we can track ( for Ex: any publisher publisher to topic and that messages we can record from solace end, is it possible to record message?? ).

  • Abhikesh
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    @Muddam_Pullaiah If I understand your question correctly ! you are looking something which log every message which In/Out from endpoint, If yes, You can have additional consumer connected with same subscription and dump message, By doing that you will able to log message and keep record of every messages.
    As far as concern for Message-id, I think you are talking about solace message-id which we see through SolAdmin/CLI, if yes, that’s nothing to do with Publisher/Subscriber and it’s internal to solace.

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    Hi @Muddam_Pullaiah, has any of the replies above answered your question? If yes, please accept it as the best answer. If not, please provide more info so that others can help.