Solace HA Active/Standby Failover Test

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Initial test, by referring to
Manage to failover and able to see its messages flow.

When 2nd attempt to test above scenario, from Primary Event Broker to Secondary Event Broker, it seem like the session fail to connect to the backup host (SessionProperties - Hosts = broker1, broker2)

I also tried to revert-activity in Secondary Broker, seem it failed.

Can help to see I had miss any steps or possible configuration seem to be out of sync?



  • uherbst
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    Hi @jessie_lai87,
    after doing some failover, you can (should ?) check the current state of your environment:

    show redundancy
    show config-sync

    If redundancy and config-sync are not UP, the next failover test will fail (because your cluster is not ready to fail over).

  • ChristianHoltfurth
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    Hi @jessie_lai87,

    Adding to Uli's comment, it can take a moment to resync the HA nodes after a fail-over. The commands Uli mentioned will show you whether that has completed (or not).
    And you should wait for redundancy and config-sync to fully come up before attempting another fail-over.

    If you are a paying customer and already followed the steps including the checks above, I'd suggest you raise a ticket with our Support Team to investigate this further.