Solace PubSub+ Connector Consume "Selector" Feature



I'm trying to use the solace "consume" operation and attempting to use the "selector" to only consume a subset of messages.

When publishing a message I have passed in a userProperties: (refer to attachment publish.png)

counter: 1

As per this link -, it should be possible to limit what messages are consumed.

As per the attachment (consume.png), I have configured the "selector" feature of the consume operation.

However, I'm not receiving any messages.

Does anyone have an example or documentation on this feature?

Thank you



  • ivan_lkc
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    I assume you are using Mule JMS to connect to Solace. In that case, the Selector needs to be a standard JMS selector string.

    The three characters # [ ] converted the whole thing into a Mule Expression Language. In your example, you don't need the complexity of Mule Expression. So you should uncheck the "fx" button there, and simply use this string:


    In case that JMS header is not numberic then you should try:


    For more information regarding the selector syntax:

  • amackenzie
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    actually it looks like @etc is using the Solace PubSub+ connector for MuleSoft. But the answer @ivan_lkc provides should still work. As said, no need for a Mule expression, just a simple string of counter=1 should work. Under the covers, the connector will use JCSMP to do a ConsumerFlowProperties.setSelector() with the string you put in the property page field for Selector.

  • etc
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    @ivan_lkc and @amackenzie

    I am using the Solace PubSub+ connector for MuleSoft that use JCSMP.

    Just for clarification, attributes.userProperties.counter is a dataweave expression and not MEL. It's used to retrieve header attributes.

    Just for reference, I have attached Consumer_NoSelector.PNG to show the counter=1 property being set.

    However in the connector when I set the selector to counter=1 (as a string only and not as a dataweave expression), I also get null result. (Attached solaceconnector.log and Consumer_WithSelector.PNG)

    To sum up I have tried the following:
    1. dataweave expression: attributes.attributes.userProperties.counter == 1
    2. plain string: counter=1

    Both return null result.

    Thanks for your help

  • ivan_lkc
    ivan_lkc Member Posts: 11 ✭✭

    Hi @etc , from the NoSelector screen capture, it seems "counter" is a String which equals "1"; It is not an Integer. Please try to replace selector string from

    And see if that worked.

  • etc
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    Hi @ivan_lkc

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    After some testing, I discovered the following:

    Setting userProperties via the Publish Operation

    1. setting integer is not possible - its is always interpreted as a string
    2. Double quotes ("") are interpreted as a literal text

    (refer to UserPropertiesSetGui.PNG and UserPropertiesSetXML.PNG) eg counter

    Setting selector via the Consume Operation
    1. only supports single quotes (''). eg counter='1'
    2. Double quotes ("") eg counter="1" will result in an exception - "Invalid Selector"

    I personally think there is a defect if only single quotes are supported.

    Thank you for your help.