Schema management with Solace PubSub+

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I come from Apache Kafka background and started evaluating Solace PubSub+. As with Confluent where we have a schema registry, and we can add the schema version in the message payload, so that the consumer can validate and we have provide versioning, how to perform schema validation, graceful upgradation/deprecating the schema in Solace? Is there any guide/ebook that I can refer to for equivalent of schema registry.



  • himanshu
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    Hi @Pradeep - Nice to see that you're evaluating Solace PubSub+. We would love to hear more about your usecase to see how we can architect a solution for your specific requirements.

    As for your question, you can use Solace Event Portal to design you event-driven architecture. This includes mapping the flow of your events between different applications, mapping topics and schemas to events, understanding how an event is shared across applications etc. With Event Portal, you can create schemas and evolve them over time with versioning.

    Event Portal is a design time tool currently so it doesn't enforce the schema during runtime. However, it exposes a rich API which can be used by applications to query and enforce schema validation.

    Hope this helps!