Publish message to a manually created queue

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If i create the queue manually provide the owner permission and make it non-exclusive

I also added topic subscription as application interacts using topic. This works fine

In prod also am i supposed to do this, creating queue and adding topic subscription ?

Because without doing it manually app is not able to provision the queue or modify the queue. App has only Producer not consumer,

If there were consumer it would have modified the queue with owner permission.


  • Tamimi
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    Hey @akg17 ! Long story short, you have the option to creating queues programatically from the messaging API and enable permissions to modify topic subscription on the queue, or use the admin API SEMP to create the queues on the broker before your consumer binds to it. Check this community post and we had some discussions about it

    You can also create the queue manually from the UI on production and add the topic subscription to it as you mentioned (which is similar to using SEMP approach)

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    Hi @akg17 ,

    In your architecture, you will have publishers and subscribers. Solace PubSub+ allows you to implement pub/sub architecture and one of its benefits is having a loosely coupled architecture. This allows publishers to publish data without having to worry about the subscribers.

    Now, of course, if you are publishing data, you want someone to be receiving it. For that you need subscribers who can choose to consume the data directly (via topics) or via persistence (via topics mapped to queue(s)).

    These queues will need to be created and topics will need to be mapped by someone/something. There are multiple ways to do that and which way you end up going with depends quite a bit on your company's policies. For example, in large companies such as banks, there is a lot of control and only middleware teams or support teams are allowed to create queues and map topics to them. In smaller companies, anyone can go and create queues manually.

    Additionally, some applications are given special permissions to programmatically create durable queues and map topics to them. Our APIs support this.

    Finally, you can also create temporary queues with topics mapped to them. The queue is created when your subscriber connects to Solace PubSub+ and after it disconnects, the queue is removed.

    To sum it up, there are lots of possibilities on how you want to create and manages queues and it's up to you and you organization to select which one suits your policies the best.