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Hello, I'm new to Solace and trying to understand how I can use queues with non-persistent event streaming. I started with a direct messaging pattern which works fine but I have an AMQP producer and as far as I understand, an AMQP message must be pushed to a queue. On the other hand, I have multiple subscribers but consuming data from a non-exclusive queue results in distributing the messages across subscribers which is not why intended to do.

My question is, how can I use this non-exclusive queue as a forward incoming AMQP data as a direct message to all subscribers?

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    @kkadir You will not be able to accomplish that with queues in the manner you are thinking. You can leverage JMS over AMQP and accomplish your goal.

    Take a look at the tutorials here.

    There is a tutorial for how to accomplish Pub/Sub. I think that is what you are looking for. You will be able to publish once and consume multiple times.

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    Hey @kkadir ! Curious to know if what Rob referenced answers your question?

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    Hey @kkadir I am new to solace. How do I take take advantage of the Solace Topic to Queue Mapping feature?