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I am sure, many of you are Git gurus 🙏

Just wanted to share what I found - if you are looking for repositories set to topics with keywords like X, Y and Z, you can simply type topic:X topic: Y topi: Z in the search text (unlike Google's X + Y + Z).

For example, if you want to locate a repository of AsynAapi spring cloud stream template - you can type

topic:asyncapi topic:generator topic:spring-cloud-stream

in the search box of git, try:

Hope that helps!



  • Tamimi
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    Nice thanks for sharing, Giri! I didnt know about this.

    Another github trick: there are two ways to search for files and content of files in repos without actually cloning them

    1. You can type CMD + K (or Ctrl + K on Windows) and do a quick search on the repo
    2. Or while you have the repo opened, click the '.' key and an interactive vscode browser session launches where you can do everything you can from searching (CMD + Shift + F) or editing code. This is a pretty nifty shortcut I use often!