The 2022 Solace Academy Certification Contest (PRIZES)

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Since the creation of our certification program 2 years ago with the Solace Certified Solutions Consultant we've had over 3300 certifications, which is amazing! With less than half of our users being certified it did make us wonder how many users were aware of our certifications and to the benefits of showing the world how knowledgeable you are in Event Driven Architecture. In addition, we wanted to try and make our users aware of the need for renewing their certifications as well as the ability to obtain multiple certifications in Solace Academy. With that in mind, we decided to present our users with a fun contest, with some wonderful prizes!

It's quite simple. Between now and October 25th (my birthday, pure coincidence) certifications you complete or renew on Solace Academy will earn you one entry to win. But here's where it gets interesting. For every certification over 1 that you get, you'll receive an EXTRA entry! That means:

·      1 certification = 1 entry

·      2 certifications = 3 entries

·      3 certifications = 5 entries

·      4 certifications = 7 entries

·      5 certifications = 9 entries

But what if I already have a certification?

Only certifications completed or renewed between now and October 25th will count towards this contest., but did you know you can renew your certification for two more years at any time? Simply go to your My Activities section and view your certifications to start the renewal process. You can only receive one entry per certifications, so renewing your certification more than once won’t get your more entries into the contest.

What if I don’t have the knowledge necessary to take the exam?

Not sure you're ready to take the certification exam? Don't worry! Every certification path comes with the knowledge you will need to pass the exam. Check out our different certification paths and get yourself multi-certified today.

Do I need to pay full price for the paid certifications?

For this contest we are offering a discount code for the paid certifications. Use the code CERT2022 to get 90% off the cost of the certification. This code applies to the entire certification learning path, not just the exam.


On October 26th we will draw for the following prizes:

·      1st Winner – A $250 Amazon gift card and a one year learning subscription to Solace Academy

·      2nd Winner – A $150 Amazon gift card and a one year learning subscription to Solace Academy

·      3rd Winner - A $50 Amazon gift card and a one year learning subscription to Solace Academy


  • marc
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    I think it's an actual coincidence that you're giving out the prizes on my birthday 😝

  • Gungz
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    Hi @rey,

    Quick one: After passing the certification exam, there's nothing we need to do right, e.g. posting the cert here ?

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi @Gungz ,

    Nothing else necessary! Just pass the exam and you'll be entered.

  • Gungz
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    Thanks @rey for the reply.

    Will the winners be announced here ?

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    The draw for winners occurred last week! The video where I drew the names can be found here:

    Big congrats to the winners!

    1st place - Ivan Lou

    2nd place - Vaibhav Birla

    3rd place - Martin Zeman

    We'll be reaching out shortly to the winners for prizes. Thanks to everyone who participated.

  • ivan_lkc
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    Hello there, it has been quite a long time since the results were announced, but I didn't get any emails. Would you mind sending it again just in case I missed it? Thanks.