Distributed Tracing Early Access Now Available to Interested Community Members

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Good News! The Solace Distributed Tracing feature for self-managed brokers is now available to interested community members for early access! 

The new distributed tracing functionality lets you observe events on a step-by-step basis so you can easily troubleshoot delivery and performance problems.

Watch this demo video to learn more about the new feature.

Also, read this blog post to learn what distributed tracing is and how OpenTelemetry works for event-driven integration.

If you are interested in the EA and trying it, leave a comment below to let us know and tell us where you are. We’ll then contact you directly with the info.

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  • stephenwong
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    At Citi, we are interested to try it out !

  • hong
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    Hi @stephenwong, I've sent you a message with the download links and info. Please check.

  • Tamimi
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    Thats great to hear @stephenwong ! Please feel free to share what your thoughts and use-cases are, happy to hear more about how others are using it :)

  • rtomkins
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    Thanks to all the customers who tried out our early access release of distributed tracing! Our Early Access release of distributed tracing is now complete! We had a record-breaking number of customers asking for this early access release! Thanks again!

    For more information on the recent release of distributed tracing in PubSub+ release 10.2.0 and how you can still use distributed tracing for free. Check out this post!

    Rob Tomkins

    Core Product Manager