View or peek messages on a queue - queue browsing

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Want to see what's on a queue without the messages? Got a poison message that's killing your app but dont know why? Here's an example of this type of question:

What you need is a queue browser. This reads a message from a queue but doesn't consume it - the message remains on the queue.

The simplest way to do this is with sdkperf. Use the -sql option to bind to the queue, -qb to enable queue browsing and -md to view the contents as text. If you are using a binary format or serialisation package, you'll probably need to write an application: browsing is a flow property.


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    Thanks for sharing @TomF. SDKPerf is definitely an excellent command line option for queue browsing.
    If anyone finds this post and wants to give sdkperf a shot you can download it here:

    Also, if you're looking for a GUI that can be used as a queue browser you can use JMSToolBox. I'll shamelessly plug a video I made a few months back that talks about using that tool. :D:p