Cloud broker command logs

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Hello @all,

i am browsing the command logs for the first time. I see a lot of log entries in the following pattern.

What is the problem regarding these log messages (no subscribe-topic exceptions fail-if-already-exists smf)?

The client has no problems subscribing to the queue and taking messages out of it.

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2022-12-14T13:04:21.339+00:00 <> giga-production-wu8a0lf4cij-solace-primary-0 appuser[411]: SEMP2/mgmt   reddi-admin    13:04:21 13:04:21 ok               (config

ure/acl-profile)# no subscribe-topic exceptions fail-if-already-exists smf list "*/rwws/mobile-config/export/>"

2022-12-14T13:04:22.747+00:00 <> giga-production-wu8a0lf4cij-solace-primary-0 appuser[411]: SEMP2/mgmt   reddi-admin    13:04:22 13:04:22 changed mode          (config

ure)# acl-profile "export-nemo" message-vpn "reddi"


  • marc
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    Hi @jesper,

    I think what you're asking is why can a client's queue attract messages from topics that the ACL profile doesn't allow them to subscribe to?

    If that is indeed your question it is b/c the queue itself has topic subscriptions which attract messages and then client-usernames with Consume (or higher) access can consume from it. The ACL profile disallowing topic subscriptions is only applied if the client-username is trying to subscribe directly to the topic without a queue.

    If you meant to ask something else please clarify, but I hope that helps!