Is it possible to clone ACL profile


Hi @marc

we have an ACL profile which has access to 145 topics, now a client wants to clone another profile with access to same topics. is it possible to clone ACL profiles or we have to give access manually.


  • Aaron
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    No way to clone/copy in a single command. You'd have to use SEMP or something to query the source one and then SEMP again to create the new one.

    Note that multiple client usernames can use the same ACL profile, so if it's the exact same (and in the same VPN) then no real need to clone.

    SEMPv2 commands here:

    Hope that helps!

  • SasikumarSP
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    @Ankur lodhi

    "show current-config message-vpn <vpnName>" CLI command gives the complete config of a msg-VPN. The particular ACL-profile config can be copied from this output and change the message-vpn (also you can change the acl-profile name if required) and deploy the ACL CLI sequence commands. This is applicable only if you want to copy the acl-profile config from one message-vpn to another or one broker to another broker.