WebUI is down for monitoring node and unable to up

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Hi, For somereason, my monitoring node is down and the port 8888 is not listening and am not sure, which command, should I use for bring this up? Due to this WEBUI is down. Iam pretty much new to Solace and any pointers will help. if you have any specific docs, that will be helpful too. Primary and secondary are up and running. no issues.


  • uherbst
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    Hi @srivraju,

    the answer depends a bit of the way you deployed your broker(s).

    From your question I assume: You deployed 3 docker containers (primary, backup, monitor) in an HA group.

    Correct ?

    Try to access cli (instead of WebUI) for monitoring node:

    On the docker host for the monitoring node do something like:

    docker exec -it solace -- cli

    Does that work ?

    inside cli, do:

    show service

    There is are 2 lines for "SEMP", one line for SEMP without TLS ("N" in column "S"), one line for SEMP with TLS ("Y) in column S).

    Is your port open ?


  • marc
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    Hi @srivraju,

    I would also recommend opening a support ticket if you are able to do so. They'll be able to dig into your environment specific details with you as well.