Can Solace event listening by a client with multiple user accounts?

Dustin Member Posts: 1
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I am face a problem, as some of the clients in solace is not maintaining by me, I would like to define multiple user account for the same client to prevent if any account expired on their side, is it possible?


  • marc
    marc Member, Administrator, Moderator, Employee Posts: 923 admin

    Hi @Dustin,

    Unfortunately I don't think this is possible. One client must connect with one set of credentials.

    If you know of another technology that provides something like this please let us know and I can capture it as something of interest but it wouldn't be a priority to implement.

    But maybe you can elaborate more on the issue and we can find a solution? Are the apps connecting to multiple messaging services/vpns and you only maintain some of them? Or do you have multiple people providing client access to the same vpn?