SPLUS - GitHub project - SDK to efficiently manage Solace PubSub


Solace PubSub+ SDK (splus) is an SDK kit that allows the management of Solace PubSub+ Brokers. While there are already so many ways of managing the broker, the motivation for this project is:

  • simple way to integrate with CI/CD scripts
  • reasonable defaults for easing the administration activities, especially for those new to PubSub+
  • recipes for allowing use case based based administration
  • allow advanced customization through scripts
  • central tool to manage multiple brokers
  • align with the sdk cli approach used by modern solution including AWS, GCloud, Kubernetes etc

The GitHub project is at https://github.com/pankajsa/splus
Check out the wiki pages at https://github.com/pankajsa/splus/wiki

Looking for active contributors to this.


  • marc
    marc Member, Administrator, Moderator, Employee Posts: 923 admin

    Looks like a great initiative @Pankaj Arora. Thanks for sharing!