AWS S3 integration using Amazon Signature V4

yangsen Member, Employee Posts: 23 Solace Employee

The latest PubSub+ version added support for Amazon Signature V4, now we can integrate with AWS services without using API Gateway. But I could not find any document or guide on the configuration, so I did a test to integrate with S3 and it works. I have captured the steps and screenshots into a file for your reference.



  • marc
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    Wow this is awesome! Thank you very much @yangsen and glad it worked for you :)

  • Tamimi
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    Thank you this is awesome!

  • rtomkins
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    In Release 10.1.0, we have a new click to connect wizard to make this even faster! Check it out on Solace connector hub at:

  • yangsen
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    Good improvement!!👍️

  • Stu Shepherd
    Stu Shepherd Member Posts: 6

    Hi all, Maybe @rtomkins in particular :)

    Thought would tag onto this thread as asking about Solace -> S3 connection properties...

    It works perfectly for a string data set, but fails to populate data if we send a dictionary...

    Any idea what settings we need to change/adapt to be able to send dictionary/json data to s3 ?

    Did wonder about headers, such as ContentType = application/json etc but this made no difference.

    Thank you