Interceptors with Solace JMS

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I just wanted to highlight a new feature that was added to Solace JMS v10.14.0.

The API now allows for "pre-send" and "pre-receive" interceptors (AKA hooks). This allows a developer to implement common logic in one place and add it into the sending/receiving of multiple apps. A common use case for this would be for logging or handling security concerns.

Check out the docs for examples!

* Pre-Send Interceptors implement MessageProducerInteceptor and activate the interface using SupportedProperty.SOLACE_SOLACE_JMS_MESSAGE_PRODUCER_INTERCEPTOR_CLASS_NAME

* Pre-Receive Interceptors implement MessageReceiverInterceptor and active the interface using SupportedProperty.SOLACE_JMS_MESSAGE_CONSUMER_INTERCEPTOR_CLASS_NAME

Hope that helps some folks out :)