Pubsub+ Now Offers Configurable Replay Topics!

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edited June 2022 in PubSub+ Event Broker #1

Hey Solace operations and developers! PubSub+ is taking the replay log to the next level of flexibility by allowing you to configure exactly which topic is mapped to your replay log.

PubSub+ Event Broker 10.0.0 allows you to customize exactly which topics are sent to your replay log. Your broker administrator to configure topics (including Prefixes/Wildcards/Exception) that are eligible for storage in the Replay Log.

So, the replay log contents can be FOCUSED to just the set of CRITICAL messages that are important enough to retain for replay. Configurable replay topics allows the replay log to fill more slowly reducing the frequency of replay log pruning and allows for a longer replay history. Further, it lets you enable replay on brokers with limited resources! It's a much more targeted and resource-efficient approach to replay!

To use this new feature, the new topic-filter command, used within the replay-log configuration allows you to use create subscription <topic> as many times as you need to define the set of topics for your replay log. These topics can include prefixes, wildcards (*/>), and exceptions(!) within the scope of our SMF topics. Once defined, "no shutdown" will apply these subscriptions to your replay log! This new capability is supported with CLI, SEMPv2, and Manager as of 10.0.0 and later.

This month configurable replay targets are part of our monthly feature highlight training! Check it out!

Configurable replay topics enables a broader event mesh replay strategy enabling you to retain and replay your critical messages for longer!