Tuning pre-fetch for load balancing in Python

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I have built a system comprised of a number of workers, N, (or application processing engines) fed by a single non exclusive queue. Each job on the queue either takes between 20 second and a minute to complete or under 0.1 seconds (because the job on the queue requires no work).

Ideally if there are 3 workers (so N = 3) and 3 jobs are on the queue each worker would get a job each. This wasn't happening by default - the default MAX_DELIVERED_UNACKNOWLEDGED_MESGS_PER_FLOW of 10000 ensured that all the work was going to worker 1 and workers 2 and 3 were left twiddling their thumbs.

Configuring "Pre-Fetch" for Optimized Load-Balancing - Solace addresses this quite well.

Setting MAX_DELIVERED_UNACKNOWLEDGED_MSGS_PER_FLOW to 1 (which has to be set at the queue level as the Python API can't do this) seemed to fix this - work was now being correctly distributed.

However it appears that after each job the worker pauses for about a second before a new message is picked from the queue and processed. Ie we have 1 second of dead time. This means that if we have a queue comprising of say 10 of the small 0.1s jobs and only 1 worker rather than take 1 second we actually take 10 seconds. And this isn't worker compute time, it appears to be Solace fetch time- time to fetch the next message from the queue.

Is this because whilst I have set MAX_DELIVERED_UNACKNOWLEDGED_MSGS_PER_FLOW to 1 but not yet set FLOW_WINDOW_SIZE to 1 as well?

I ask, as similar to @balast , I also read the "Possible performance impact" section of Configuring Queues (solace.com) ?

The system is built in Python, so uses the Python API.

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  • Tamimi
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    The max unacked parameter prevent further messages from the broker to be pushed if there has been no client ack for the queue. it’s an option on the queue so its configurable from the broker queue endpoint. It’s default is 10000 (which is what you are seeing).

    However, through further investigation you are correct there is a bug and it has been raised and will be addressed in the coming cycles. Tho I dont have any input on delivery timeline. Thanks for looking into this and for your detailed post!

  • Tamimi
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    Hi @AlexanderJHallAgain can you please try using the latest version of the Python API v1.4.1 and see if this issue still persists on your end. Thanks!