Error running Solace under Kubernetes on WSL

I have been struggling to get Solace running under k8s on WSL.
I have tried using the Helm templates here: and using the Docker compose template here:

In both cases the container stops with the Unable to raise event; rc(would block) error. I have tried all sorts of things but nothing seems to work.

Using the Docker compose template, the container runs without any problems.



  • chewymints
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    I have to report some progress - it works if the storage:persistent value is set to false in the helm template.

  • chewymints
    chewymints Member Posts: 8

    @TomF : I was hoping someone from Solace could give me some insight into this.

  • TomF
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    Hi @chewymints k8s isn't really my area of expertise which is why I've refrained from commenting. Let me see if someone can help.

  • amackenzie
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    Hi @chewymints could we get more info on your K8S deployment? Is it Minikube running on WSL? Do you have a storage provider? If so which one?
    Which version of WSL are you using? Which distro? Is it required that you must make this work in WSL or could you use a VM?

  • [Deleted User]
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    Can you please provide the output of "kubectl get storageclass". Unless you set storage.useStorageClass in your values.yaml file we will be using the storage class marked as "default" . Looking at this: you may have to edit values.yaml -> storage.useStorageClass: local-storage

  • chewymints
    chewymints Member Posts: 8

    Apologies for the delayed response. I have just managed to get back to this.
    The k8s deployment is a test deployment for now. I am playing around with Solace and k8s to see what is possible. For now, it's just Docker Desktop with k8s enabled and managed using CLI on WSL. I have also verified that the error happens without WSL enabled as well.

    The output is below:

    kubectl get storageclass
    NAME                 PROVISIONER          AGE
    hostpath (default)   24h