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Questions on Config-Sync between mates in HA Group and Replication

rdesojurdesoju Member Posts: 27

It appears that when config-sync is enabled in a HA-Group and Replication mates, it is provisioning additional MessageVPN and Queues. I have a few questions on the same:

  1. As it is provisioning the additional VPN and queues, does it mean config-sync between mates in a HA-Group and Replication Group is asynchronous?
  2. If it is Asynchronous, how durable it is when one of the node/site crashes and fails over to other node/site? Should we expect a message loss ?
  3. If it is synchronous, does it acknowledge only when message is persisted on other node/site?
  4. Is it Storage layer replication? or Network layer replication?



  • rdesojurdesoju Member Posts: 27

    It appears that mate-link service is responsible for syncing up message queues on both nodes in a HA group.
    Does it sync up the other node asynchronously or synchronously? is it storage layer replication? or network layer?
    Please clarify.

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