error while creating receiver flow: Max clients exceeded for queue


We are currently building the Solution to integrate with Solace. We are still developing and not using Solace in Prod. Currently only a few developers uses this Solace and we donot have that many Sessions or connections to Solace. According to the Dashboard, it is using only 2 Active connections (But actually we have closed all the connections to the Sessions), still I am getting this Max clients exceeded for queue issue. I could not find any proper solution for this issue as most reply talk about number of connections. In our case, we sure have not established that many connections and is still in initial development phase. Can you please provide the solution for this issue?

I am using Solace with Go and .Net Projects



  • nicholasdgoodman
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    Hello! Can you drill a little deeper into your dashboard?

    Navigate to your broker manager, select Queues, pick your queue in question, and check the Consumers tab for any unexpected connected consumers.

    Also, how is the queue configured and what are the maximum number of consumers allowed?

  • mohanprasathsj
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    Please find the settings attached. There is no Consumers attached and maximum Consumer Count to be 1000