Introducing new, shiny home for PubSub+ Cloud REST v2 APIs

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The PubSub+ Cloud REST APIs provide a mechanism for you to programmatically work with PubSub+ Cloud.

  • Granular role-based access control: Manage who has access to application domains and their resources, what they can do with them, and which users can access which environments.
  • Version control and lifecycle states: Apps, Events, Schemas, Enums, and Event API Products. This allows moving every version of these object types through their natural lifecycle without negatively impacting other dependent applications.
  • Multi-environment support: Manage multiple environments and object promotions through environments to align with an enterprise’s software development lifecycle resulting in more efficient and smoother development.

The new home allows you to perform REST API calls (you will need an API token, see Creating an API Token for more information) and links to OpenAPI specifications of supported APIs.

A quick introduction to sections of the API Portal

Getting Started - Introduces and discusses the general mechanics of interaction like Authentication, Error Handling, Versioning, Pagination, and Filtering.

Mission Control – Manage broker services.

Event Portal – Designer – Manage Event Portal resources like Application Domains, Applications, Configurations, Enums, Events, Event APIs, Event API Products, Schemas, States, and Topic Domains.

Event Portal – Runtime – Manage Event Management Agents, Event Mesh, Messaging Services, and Messaging Service Scans.

Platform – Manage Environments.

Billing – Get Usage summary.

The portal is also equipped with code snippets of various scripting and programming languages to try out these APIs.

Make some time, and give it a spin 🚲


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