Consume existing Solace Queue using Python


Hi @marc @Tamimi

we have existing solace queue with topic subscription enabled. need to listen and print message flowing to that queue.

tried below code & got error, please help.

persistent_receiver: PersistentMessageReceiver = messaging_service.create_persistent_message_receiver_builder()\


2023-04-17 17:22:06,804 [WARNING] solace.messaging.receiver: 
[]  [[SERVICE: 0x2a1b0836cb0] [RECEIVER: 0x2a1b08882e8]] 
q-xxxx-xxx-xxx-ack-all creation failed with the following sub 


  • Aaron
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    Hi @jawaharyuvr, you don't need to tag the admins to look at your message. Thanks!

    SOLCLIENT_SUBCODE_ENDPOINT_PROPERTY_MISMATCH means that the queue you created has different configuration than the properties you're specifying. What configuration does it have, or did you change anything from the defaults? E.g. permissions, access-type, etc.

    If you know the queue exists, then you don't need the "with missing resources creation strategy". This automatically builds a queue (with certain properties) if it's not there. (and as you can see, fails if the queue already exists but doesn't look like your specified configuration).

  • Tamimi
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    And to follow up on Aaron's request for more details, are you using queue templates on your broker?