Partitioned Queues are now Generally Available with 10.4.0

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Solace Community,

I'm proud to announce that Partitioned Queues are now generally available for all in today's release of 10.4.0!

Partitioned Queues are included in the PubSub+ broker software at no extra charge and are supported by our most recent releases of Solace JCSMP, JMS, CCSMP, Python, Golang, .NET, and JS APIs as well as standard REST/HTTP, MQTT 5.0, and AMQP!

Partitioned Queues are a new subcategory of non-exclusive queues that provide load-balancing and auto-scaling while still providing in-order delivery based on the message context like a retail order, a flight, or a financial transaction! You can think of it as Solace's answer to Kafka Consumer Groups - but better!

Of course, it works well-distributed tracing! You can even see which partition in the partitioned queue the traced message was enqueued for detailed event mesh observability.

For more information please check out my video:

Keep it real-time,

Rob Tomkins

Principal Core Product Manager, Solace

P.S. 10.4.0 with partitioned queues is coming to PubSub+ Cloud soon!


  • Linus
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    So we are supposed to use the user property map to set broker relevant metadata?

  • Aaron
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    @Linus, that is correct. This allows AMQP and MQTTv5 publishers to also be able to use this feature.

  • rtomkins
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    @Linus, yes. More details on setting the partition key are in our docs page here.