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.NET API to consume JMS?

I've been tasked with consuming messages from an established JMS. The sample code provided to me uses the Solace libraries. I'm more comfortable with C# than Java, so I'd prefer to use the .NET messaging API, if possible.

Can I use the Solace .NET API to subscribe to the JMS queue and consume messages?

I downloaded the .NET sample apps and gave it a whirl (no luck yet, obviously). Before I spend more time spinning my wheels with this appraoch I'd like to know if I'm going down a complete dead-end path.



  • amackenzieamackenzie Member, Employee Posts: 28 Solace Employee

    yes, you can definately publish and consume messages to a "JMS queue" with our other APIs. It's actually not a "JMS Queue" per se. Queues provide persistentance for any message published to PubSub+ and are stored as Solace messages. They are published and consumed using various APIs (JMS, Solace Java, Solace .Net, Apache Qpid, Eclipse Paho, etc.) across several wirelines (Solace SMF, AMQP 1.0, MQTT, REST).
    There are certain things you can do when publishing via a non-JMS API so that JMS can better consume messages and these are outlined here: but it is straightforward for your .Net client to subscribe to and consume messages in a queue published using JMS.
    Let us know if you have questions about this.

  • unknownuserunknownuser Member Posts: 2

    Thanks! I thought/hoped this was the case. I'm new to message queues so this is pretty foreign to me.
    I'll continue down this path of trying to use the .NET API to subscribe to the JMS queue.

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