AMQP Usage

Naga Member Posts: 58

If I want to set application property while sending data to solace using AMQP what would be the syntax ?
This is for REST : Solace-User-Property-
what would be the equivalent for AMQP ?



  • amackenzie
    amackenzie Member, Employee Posts: 260 Solace Employee

    Can you be more specific? What AMQP API are you using? What property are you trying to set? Can you elaborate more on the use case? Note that Solace doesn't control the client APIs for AMQP 1.0 and this is likely to be API-specific on how to pass a property.

  • Naga
    Naga Member Posts: 58

    I want to set custom properties using AMQP. How are they set?
    Also can you share any reference documents on how to use AMQP1.0 ?

  • Muddam_Pullaiah
    Muddam_Pullaiah Member Posts: 20

    @Naga, as per my knowledge, lot off issues in AMQP protocols, first try poc then go with AMQP and my suggestion is best go with SOLJAMS...