New Codelabs tutorial for integrating REST microservices with Solace

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know I recently wrote a new Codelabs tutorial to walk through all of the configuration and steps needed to setup a Solace broker to accept and pass-through REST requests. It uses a feature called the "MicroGateway", which allows the Solace broker to accept incoming REST requests (of any verb: GET, POST, PATCH, DELETE, etc.) and pass them to consumer applications... the consumers can either be RESTful, or use pub/sub messaging. Or a mix! Very cool.

Oh, and the configuration steps are given for all 3 methods of configuration: PubSub+ Manager (GUI), SEMP (mgmt API), and CLI. Which means it's a good way to learn about the different ways of configuring Solace.

Find my tutorial here!

Find the other Codelabs here

Technical docs on MicroGateway

Thanks! Hope you find it useful. Post up here if you have any questions..!