View topic subsciptions in Solace Admin UI


We are using Spring Cloud Stream to consume and publish messages using solace binder. From the logs we can see the message - "Subscribing Queue xxxx to topic yyy" at application startup.
However in Solace admin UI, we can't see any subscriptions under the topic.
Could you please help where we can view the topic subscriptions in solace admin console?



  • marc
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    Hi @ruplim,
    You'll want to find your Queue under the Queues menu:

    Then once you select your queue you should see a "subscriptions" tab where you'll find the subscription:

    Hope that helps!

  • TomF
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    Hi @ruplim, just expanding on what Marc says, you might wonder... why do I have to look at queues? Surely this is a topic I'm subscribing to? Well, the thing is in Solace there's no real idea of a topic on the broker. It's just a property on the message you're sending. So if you want to know what your application is subscribing to, you either need to check what subscriptions your application has created, or look at the queue your application is binding to and check which subscriptions your queue has, which is what we've done here.

    For more details see (shameless plug:

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