testing the Event Portal REST API

Magali_Boulet Member, Employee Posts: 10 Solace Employee

You can easily test the REST API of the Event Portal. Here is some examples I tested.
First, follow this section https://docs.solace.com/Solace-Cloud/Event-Portal/Event-Portal-REST-API.htm to get your access token (you'll need it to perform all of these requests).

How to retrieve events from an application domain?

How to create events?
Here is an example of a payload to create an event (this payload has to be sent with POST verb on https://solace.cloud/api/v1/eventPortal/events)
"applicationDomainId": "{theIdYouHaveRetrieved}",
"description": "Customer Account",
"name": "customerAccount",
"revisionComment": "customerAccount",
"schemaId": null,
"shared": false,
"topicName": "myDomain/customerAccount/account/v1/{accountId}",
"type": "event",
"version": "1.0"

All these requests can be tested using Postman for instance (this is what I used).