Debizium Connector

Hi, I posted to check on this a few months back, but haven't heard any update. Opening this up again to see if there is any news


  • dreamoka
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    Can it work for NoSQL database? 

  • amackenzie
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    @ranjitsingh Sorry for the delay. The PubSub+ Connector for Debezium CDC is available in a community -supported release at

    Download links for both a runnable JAR package and also a container image are available, as well as the user guides.

    @dreamoka the connector has been test with MongoDB. It should support the same databases as Debezium does.

  • ranjitsingh
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    @amackenzie reading the, it doesn't say anything about support for MS SQL.

    Wanted to check if that will be supported by the connector ?

    Based on your comment above debezium actually supports MS SQL. does that mean we can use this connector for SQL server as well ?

  • amackenzie
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    The connector uses an embedded Debezium engine for the CDC data access and should work with Debezium-supported sources.

  • Kwongyiu
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    @amackenzie I had try out using v1.0.0. I wanted to output the capture change apply to MySQL. But facing issue. Below are my settings

    Workflow 0: cdcsupplier (MySQL) -> solace
    Workflow 1: solace -> cdcsupplier (other MySQL server)

    Not issue Ruth workflow 0.
    Workflow 1: message are consumed but not able to sync the data to my 2nd DB server.

    Are there any sample configurations yaml which demo from solace -> MySQL?