Solace Pubsub+ Event Broker Operator is Now Available!

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Solace Community,

I am excited to announce that Solace has launched its own Kubernetes Operator a.k.a Solace Pubsub+ Event Broker Operator , Version 1.0.0 and it is available at

Pubsub+ Event Broker Operator makes event broker deployment declarative in a kubernetes cluster , hence making it easy for users to perform operational tasks.

The Operator is free to use . Below are the features covered in first release:

  • Installing a PubSub+ Software Event Broker in non-HA , HA or dev mode.
  • Adjusting the deployment to updated parameters (with limitations).
  • Upgrading to a new broker version.
  • Repairing the deployment.
  • Enabling Prometheus monitoring.
  • Providing status of the deployment.

Check out my video to see the Operator in action at

Stay tuned for many more exciting feature releases in the Operator. 😎


Shweta Mazumder , Product Manager