Pull messages from Azure service bus using Solace PubSub+ Cloud

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Is it possible to connect Solace Pubsub+ Cloud to an Azure service Bus by pulling messages from a topic or queue ? So something like a Azure-Solace mesh? I know you can push messages to AWS ansd Azure components using RDP. But does Solace support pull?

Background: We have a use case where we must transport messages from a Microsoft Azure Dynamics F&O platform to Solace/Boomi. The problem is not that we can't solve it. But this would minimize the number of integration components and thus simplify the overall architecture. And lower TCO (license costs).


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    Hi @sjaak,

    We don't have an explicit connector that currently does this, and at first glance I don't see an obvious way to do it without digging more into how Azure Service Bus works. Does it allow you to trigger other services via HTTP POST / webhook? That might be the easiest option if it doesn't support JMS/AMQP/MQTT.

    Hope that helps!