Sample on Solace with Spring Cloud Bus

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Hi everyone,
I recently created a simple sample that shows the use of Spring Cloud Bus (a lightweight enterprise message bus) with Solace PubSub+.
I was asked to share it here, in case some of you might find it helpful.
You can find the sample here.
Let me know what you think - unless you hate it... ;)


  • Tamimi
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    Woha nice! I'll check it out, thanks for the post 😄

  • marc
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    Thanks for sharing @FWinkler79. It's great to know that the Solace Spring Cloud Stream Binder works with Spring Cloud Bus, but I also love the detailed explanation of Spring Cloud Bus and Custom Events in your How Custom Events Work section. Spring should hire you to write their docs ;)

  • akg17
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    How does the spring cloud bus with solace work with many instance or dynamic scale up and down.

    Is it like kafka if the group name is not configured it creates anonymous group for each instance ?

    Because i also have the requirement where not only i have to pass the same event to all micro-service and their instances.


    In solace i could achieve sharing the same message to each service by publishing message to a topic which is subscribed by many consumer but eventually stuck when application scales up and down. not all instance get same message.

  • marc
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    Hi @akg17,

    Please checkout the different communication model options in this codelab:

    I believe they should apply to spring cloud bus as well since it uses the cloud stream binder.