Want to make two pods communicate through Solace pubSub.

I have two pods in different namespace in Kubernetes and want each pod talk to other pods through solace, could you please tell me how I implement the same?


  • marc
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    Hi @rasikbapotra,

    Solace shouldn't introduce anything special in this area. It looks like there are several ways to configure this, but to me I would probably register it as an ExternalName service as described in the answer here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/67595698/how-to-access-service-created-in-another-namespace . This way you can use the same service name no matter what namespace you are in to connect to the broker.

    If you want to deploy/manage the service yourself there are a few quickstarts available here to deploy our broker into K8s, otherwise we also offer our Cloud Managed offering via Solace Cloud where we can do this for you.

    Hope that helps!

  • rasikbapotra
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    Thanks Marc. Creating services will hit more traffic within namespace, so wanted to distribute load with the help of Solace.