Proxy Solace Connection with Javascript

I am using the solclientjs and need to use a proxy. Is this possible?

I tried the settings from but could not get a connection.

Which library is solclientjs using inside for tcp connections? Maybe I can add the proxy there.


  • Tamimi
    Tamimi Member, Administrator, Employee Posts: 489 admin

    Hey there @Christian Jacobs ! What kind of error do you get (if any) when you attempt to set the session properties url via solace.SessionProperties.url?

  • Christian Jacobs
    Christian Jacobs Member Posts: 2

    Connection error: connect ETIMEDOUT

    From your question I assume that it works with other proxies?

    I can use our proxy like this:
    curl -I --proxy "http://proxy.domain:81" "https://target.domain:443"

    For the solace.SessionProperties.url I have tried:



    socks5 seems to be blocked unfortunately. I could not connect with curl.