python qpid-proton cannot access solace broker after rename Message VPN

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Hi everyone,

I have some problems with connecting to solace with qpid-proton python.

I connected to Solace that isn’t running on my local machine but other server, and I could send the message into the queue with the subscription topic and also receive the message from the queue successfully for a while.
All I specified was the ip, port(amqp service), and the topic or queue that I’m interested in in my qpid-proton python project.
However, after the message VPN is renamed, I couldn’t connect to it anymore. The rest of the configuration of the message VPN stayed the same as the original setup. The broker only has one message VPN. My original thought was like it should be fine for renaming the VPN cause I don’t use it in my connection setting.
This is the url that my program tried to connect:


and I saw:

[ERROR] <_handlers on_transport_error 708> proton.pythonio: Connection refused to all addresses
[INFO] <_reactor on_transport_closed 1117> Disconnected will try to reconnect after 10.0 seconds

If only the VPN name changed, what would be the correct behavior toward my connection?

I also check if it’s the problem of firewall, but when I `nc -vz <ip> <port>`, it showed this information

Ncat : Version 7.70
Ncat: Connected to <ip>:<port>
Ncat: 0 bytes sent, 0 bytes received in 0.01 seconds.

so I don’t think firewall is the problem!

What do you suggest me to do to diagnose this problem?


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    AMQP doesn't have the concept of message VPN, so each VPN will have a different AMQP port. Did you change the port to the AMQP port for the new message VPN?