Issue with Bind count on a RDP queue

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we have a Queue Q1 which is bindind to a Restdelivery point.the consumer here is a some hostname:port.
Ideally the bndcount for queue Q1 should be one, as we have binded it to restdelivery and subscriber will be the consumer. but we recently observed that the bind count is 2, whe we see the client details conencted to Queue, its #rdp/rdpname coming twice.
Why is this happening, we should have only 1 bind cout. why does RDP conencting twice, because this i guess solace is confused and not sending any messages to the RDP.
When I look at the queue bind status when the bind count is > 1 I see a disturbing control error message meaning two entities are trying to place a lock on an endpoint and are in contention.   At this point, Solace does not get a 200 http response any more for that queue in that state, resulting in msgs getting moved to DMQ.
Could you please help on why this is happening?


  • marc
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    Hi @dhanarupa,
    That is interesting. I would also expect a bind count of 1...I tried to reproduce this a few different ways and couldn't figure it out. Can you share more detail on the "disturbing control error message" ?